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Welcome to greenfields online version of our shop and clinic, featuring products specific for your blood group and GenoType from North American Pharmacal, and our laboratory tests for blood grouping and secretor status. The supplements are devised by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, author of Eat Right 4 Your Type and The GenoType Diet.

We offer a highly advanced system of supplementation synchronised with your individualised needs: Each unique formula has been tailored to your blood group or GenoType, and designed to deliver the highest quality ingredients at reasonable prices. We do not use artificial fillers, stearates or synthetic lubricants in our products.

Learn more about the only manufactured supplements that are right for you: Select a product category from the links above.

If you already know your blood group and GenoType, select the categories Right 4 Your Type and right for your GenoType.

If you don’t know your blood group, order products that are Right 4 All Types, and add a blood group test kit to your order.

If you need to find your GenoType, add a GenoType Kit to your order. To determine your GenoType you should know at least your ABO and Rh blood groups, and ideally your secretor status. You can use a Lewis Blood Group or the new DNA Secretor Status Kit for your secretor status (this replaces the previous saliva secretor status test). The SWAMI Xpress single-use software licence will analyse your biometric measurements and provide a more detailed analysis of your GenoType. Consider making an appointment with our clinicians for a more comprehensive assessment that can be factored into your individualised programme using the SWAMI Pro software devised by Dr. Peter D’Adamo: call our reception on 01227 454 848 Monday to Friday, 9-5, or Saturday 9-3.

Our Speciality Product range includes a unique skincare line suitable for all blood groups and GenoTypes. Launch your fitness programme with Unibar protein bars and Harmonia Deluxe drink , suitable for all blood groups, and guilt-free organic chocolate . If you know your blood group use our individualised blood type teas, beverages and shakes.

You will also find Do-It-Yourself reference books, kits, conference CDs and a reference library. Check our schedule for workshops, special offers and events.

For telephone orders please call 01227 454 848 Monday to Friday, 9-5, or Saturday 9-3, and have your payment card ready.